How much should I bid? And how much would get me far?

Hey everyone!

I run a trampoline park called Jump Rush, I’m planning to release ADs to get more attention but I’m wondering how much I should bid for ADs?

How much would for example 10K get you to?

I’m struggling trying to think about 8K or 10K Robux for bidding.


(I have no AD made yet, I’m just wondering what I would get out of it estimated)

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If your budget is 10k, don’t bid the whole amount or 2k less then that. That’ll just be a rip off. I’ve tried it before and put all of my 10k in a ad, it did get me around 50=100 players but the next day it just stopped and became a dead game. I suggest bidding about 2k per 2 days in a week or save up to around 20k and bid more with that.

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I hate to be that guy but…
I’m sure this counts as spam.
You aren’t allowed to ask how much something should sell for etc.

I’m not sure though, but, you are not supposed to ask how much your selling something on here.

It’s game design support…

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Thanks for telling me. I’ll keep this in mind.