How much should I charge for commissions? | Roblox Clothing Designer - CLOSED

Hello, I am a clothing designer and I wanna know how much I should charge for clothing commissions. Like for example selling my outfit to a group and if someone asks for a special request. Robux or Paypal.
Here are some examples of my clothing.

Let me know if the average prices and how much you think mine is worth. As well as if the price is different if a user is requesting the clothing for themselves and what it would be in that case too.


You have some nice stuff, but please read the rules first.

Okay! my bad. I will fix that problem.

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Is this a new rule? Because I have seen post in 2019 and some recently doing it with no problem when asking for clothing commissions.

No, it’s like a year old. Some people do it but they aren’t supposed to. You can find the rule here: Official Rules of the Roblox Developer Forum
Let’s not get off-topic!