How much should I pay my builder?


For the past few days, I’ve been thinking of how much I should pay my builder. This is pretty much my first team game so I have no idea how this really works.

We’re a team of two high schoolers. I do all the scripting, UI, and made most of the terrain. Scripting does take a bit of time (been at this for about a year and a half for this project). Things like NPC AI, magic/skills, security, and a backend webserver are just some of the things I had to make. I also manage the game whether that’s collaborating with the community or organizing future plans for the game. I’ll also have to pay for the webserver (I’m guessing it’s going to be about $150~ per month), and future commissions.

My developer builds and does 3D modeling. He’s built multiple different houses, created models of mobs and items in Blender, built and enchanted some areas of the terrain, and is currently in the process of making a dungeon.

I don’t want to underpay him but I don’t want to overpay him either. Not sure if it helps but there are videos of the game in it’s early stages here.

If you guys made any games, how much did you pay your developers? Should I pay by a percent or just flat commission rates? I’ve looked through some of the recruitment threads and all the big ones just pay a salary or per commission while smaller games seem to pay by percent.


I say that you should give him a per asset pay of :robux: 250-400

If your game turnout and sales is high, you can pay him between 60-70% of sales or premium payouts. However, if it is not high enough, maybe 350 per asset is good. It depends after all in the game your making.

You need to decide according to size and amount of details

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Isn’t that a little low? 400 is like a dollar per asset.

400 robux is 5 dollars. 30chars

I mean if you buy it yeah but if you actually want to exchange 400 it’s like a dollar

Oh, well then 1000 30charsssss

In my experience, it’s best to pay builders and other asset-based developers by commission. Scripters are required to maintain their contributions, so a percent makes more sense as it represents an ongoing obligation.

One method might be to ask them roughly how many hours/days of work it might take. You should then negotiate pay based on how much you think an hour of their work is worth. The US minimum wage is $7.5 USD (:robux: 2.1k) an hour, and the ‘living wage’ is around $16 USD (:robux: 4.5k) an hour, so you can work from there.

Ultimately, you want to negotiate with your builder for what you both feel is fair.