How much should I price my art for?

I was thinking about starting comissions for my art, however I have no idea how much Robux I would price it as.


While I don’t think that you’re quite ready to sell your art just yet, there is an appeal in your art that a good amount of people would adore and would perhaps want to buy your art.

For instance, I like the way you choose vibrant and vivid colors that look pleasing together and I like how adorable your art is.

However, I suggest that ya refine your art before ya consider selling it. For example, your art lacks a clearly defined direction that light is coming from and thus, shadow is just blotched haphazardly throughout except for crevices.

The form, while cute lacks a lot of structure to it.

I have a playlist of art tutorials both 3D and 2D that I’ve used over the years to improve my own art if ya ever wanna use it.

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This is a direct violation of Rule 7.1

Instead of asking for pricing, please ask for feedback and ways to improve as an artist.


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