How much should I put onto game advertisements?

Hello! I was just wondering how much should I put onto game advertisements to get these amount of players?










I’m so lost right now as I have enough for funding but I don’t know how much I need and what type of advertisements I should post. If anyone could reply to this post and help me out that would be awesome! :grin:

Well in all the advertisements do help to get your game a few players in a burst or short period of time but they may not continue to come back. What I mean by this is yes the advertisements help you out but it is also the game quality that matters and the content inside of the game.

Edit: To add onto this the game idea has to be original or something never done before to get more players in and interested in your game.

Hmm, I’m going to contact some YouTubers etc. We’ve currently got 100k in funding and a good game idea.

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Usually I would not recommend using advertisements because:

  • Very iffy as to how many players you get from spending hundreds of thousands of robux on ads.
  • Adveritisements are not good for retaining players.

On a seperate note, the Roblox ad system is very unoptimized currently. Luckily a new system was announced at RDC. :hugs:

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YouTuber advertising would be more reliable, as long as you create a contract or something similar to guarantee that they speak about your project in each video for the contract’s length.

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Oh brilliant a new advertising system, the thing is it doesn’t keep the amount of players when advertising its just 1 time thing. So that’s 1 downfall.


Yeah, trying to find some good youtubers!


Good Luck! I hope you find what you’re looking for and I hope that your project is succesful!

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Thanks for the feedback! :grin:


First thing is, you will always get a mix of players ranging from 100 to 1,000. The amount to get a mix for all of these amount is fairly around 10,000 to 20,000. But be aware, it matters how your game is. Always think, if YOU like YOUR game, you will have some good feelings that OTHER users will like it too. Don’t make a game for just money grab, think about your players.

It always varies on what amount you are bidding on your advertisement. Best bidding option is from 5,000 to 15,000 in my opinion. But don’t bid the whole amount, go as in 3,000 each day or other options.

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This includes things that I forgot in my post. Thanks, @Avtixe.

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We’re making a 4 team battle castle based game, we’re the other teams have to defeat each others king whilst avoiding traps etc. The game name is going to be called Fortress Fighters. (BASIC CONCEPT)

I like it. Keep your eyes peeled for some fan-art when it comes out :eyes:

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The thing is, there is a similar game to this.
Tower Of Defense and BrickBattle shares the same concept. You have 4 teams which kills each other.But, if your really up-to it, think of different mechanics, different tools, and other awesome cool features!

Now that I think about it, the concept is relatively similar to Brickbattle.

It is, but its castles and they have to kill a king and not each other. The only time they kill each other is when there is 1 team left and they go to deathmatch.

The only similarity is 4 teams and health.

We’re also including different game modes, different maps with different traps etc.

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Go to to document it all. Trust me, it will help to just spill all the ideas you have for your game.

Maybe thanks for the suggestion, like the ideas so far though?