How much should I sell this city for?

Hello fellow Developers, I was just curious how much this Dragon Ball themed city should be sold for.


It’s currently already in the game, but I haven’t been paid, and the owner is waiting for me to suggest a price, so I thought I’d ask from here. The island isn’t completed yet, but will be done so very soon.


I would say about 9 - 10k, it’s very nice and modern. I like it.

Also, I did notice that the hills surrounding the city are free models. I would refrain from using those, but apart from that it looks good.

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The hills around the city are however not free models, I made them myself in Blender.
I dislike using free models and never use them in my builds.

I would say 1k to 1.5k, because you have done a lot of copy and pasting, for the mountains, and for most of the buildings. The buildings are just the same but with different colors. And the colors don’t really fit in, maybe change the material. Anyway, nice job!

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Perhaps you are right about the copying and pasting, but 1k is far too low for a giant build like this. 3-5k would be more reasonable judging some are copied and pasted.


6-7k is a reasonable price, yeah there’s just copying and pasting on some of the buildings but the build is still huge. Good luck selling!

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I think 6k should be a set price.

It’s an amazing build. I’d suggest 8k.

Keep in mind, though, that as people have said before in the DevForum, assets are more likely to be sold than entire places.

In terms of building, though, 10/10 work! I don’t even mind the copy/pasted hills, as I know that detailing an entire map border like the one you’ve rigged up can be challenging work without copy/pasting.

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I think you should sell it for around 9k - 12k. I agree with @VegetationBush that the fact that a lot of the buildings are Copied + Pasted lowers the price, but I think @Ser4x is right when he says


I’ll say 4k.
If you use different designs for windows because it’s all looks boring to me, maybe the price can go up to 5k.

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City is pretty nice you can sell it for something about 10k to get some sales.

Hello! Looking at your picture, it seems to be a big city. Though it does seem copy and pasted; which takes away from the price due to originality unless the Owner suggested it. Moreover, since it is modern and textureless, it does appeal. Maybe selling it for at least in the range of 3.5-4K would be an option.

Sincerely, Hop_Jr :carrot:

10K-13K, the city is so modern and there’s actually gardening done everywhere unlike most cities people make.