How much should I sell this house for?

Hello I am currently selling this unfurnished modern house! I am unsure how much I should sell it for, but my personal opinion is about 900 robux as of now but it’s contingent.

Right side view:

Front side view:

Left side view:

Thank you and have a blessed 2020!


I think 2,000 robux is a good price for the build.


Well, in my professional opinion, I would range it at a price of around 1,250. Yes, it’s a nice build, but think about the in-depth creativity put into it. Sure, it’s unique, but is it difficult to build? In my opinion, not really. Yet, if it had more definition to it, lighting, interior, walkways, pads, etc, the price can then shoot towards 2,500 - 3000. But, I still like the overall modern design, good job!


I would say around :robux_gold:600-1500. I personally wouldn’t buy a house that looks so unfinished. It just doesn’t appeal to me.

Personally I would say that you could sell this within the range of: 1250 - 1500.

I am not a specialist at pricing, it is fairly just my opinion.


Honestly 100-250 robux. It has almost no parts and can be remade easily.


I think :robux_light: 600-1000 would be a decent price. A few points that would make the overall build look a bit better would be to expend the pool to go around some of the front of the build, and to furnish the interior. Also not sure about this, but it seems like the sides look a little rough…

I would price this build around 700-1000, mainly because it is unfinished. But, overall it is a great build! Keep it up! :slight_smile: