How much should one charge for a build like this?

Hi, so recently I have decided it’s time for me to look for a builder. I’m not sure what to offer, and I don’t want to offer before I get a price range.

There are lots of other builds but for a build like this how much would you charge?



I think when offering prices it’s a good idea to analyse what other people are selling their assets for and make a judgement based off of how much it’s going for on average. Also while deciding on a price it’s good to sometimes bulk buy assets of a similar type rather than putting a price on a singular asset that’s this small, I would only put a price on an individual asset that takes a while to make or is special in some way where it can’t be reproduced as easily.

I plan on ordering a large bulk of about 100 items, ranging from small animals and tools, to a large barn. I just don’t want to post on the Collaboration for and get smashed with people saying its way to low, or go in way to high and spend more than its worth.

In this case I would make a post describing what you are looking for and label the price as ‘NEGOTIABLE’. If you find a potential candidate discuss the price privately and see what’s reasonable and try to come to an agreement.


It’s always hard thinking of a price for a product. I’ve always struggled with this myself as i have absolutely no clue how people render their prices :joy:. I assume they use labour costs and size but goodness knows how you render a price on the size of an object aha.:man_shrugging:

Something is worth as much as someone else is willing to pay for it.


I’m always clueless for when I am trying to figure out my pricing too, but a quick recommendation for hiring in bulk assets is to split the work up into packages with a bonus payment at the end when everything is completed.

Generally when ordering stuff in bulk, you are going to be wanting to just pay a flat rate per item, rather than negotiating each and every asset. So take what you are comfortable paying in the end for a builder and divide that by the number of assets and see if that feels right.

Back to my recommendation, as an example, for 100 assets, you’d pay for every tenth or twentieth asset, or for the completion a certain type of asset like houses. Then, for the completion of the project, give a ~20% bonus to everything that was previously paid out if it is met within a certain deadline and everything ran smoothly.

This is beneficial because:

  • The builder is now more motivated by the smaller, yet more frequent payments, and they have an incentive to finish the project quickly. Seeing the project to the end is sometimes the hardest hurdle for people.

  • The builder will be more trusting of you because they are getting compensation while they are contributing to the project. Some people will utter the haunting “Don’t worry I’ll pay you at the end.” for when you’ve been working on a map for two weeks only to see nothing come out of it.

  • You can sometimes get away with paying a developer less by offering a bonus. This is done by having the bonus match what you were originally intending to pay. If they can’t finish the project, you didn’t pay as much of a premium, and if they do, then you are happy because the project is done and you paid what you intended.

Reiterating on that last point, if you were expecting to pay $200USD (~60,000R) for a project, offer $175USD
(50,000R) with a 15% bonus at the end. You could then offer a payment of $35 USD (10,000R) for five payments, and give them a $25USD (7,000R) bonus at the end. In the end, you’d be paying what you wanted, plus obtaining the benefits from above.

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Talk about the solution of the month :trophy:! This is pretty genius. Could this be put up as a community resource for the public to use?


Thanks! I’m still a New Member, so I don’t think I am able to post in Learning Resources yet.

I learned the original concept a while back from @SirDoomKnight from how they would contract out maps for ‘Assassin!’.

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It matters on the time it takes or the time you assign to the hired developer

Depends entirely on the builder that is hired. Some builders may charge upwards of ten times (10x) the price of something.