How much to Sponsor on my game?

Hey! I think my game is 100% ready for sponsors and I was wondering, I have a 50k robux budget, how do I spread it out effectively? Its a MIC UP Booth plaza game.

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You have a problem with GUi when playing the game in mobile


Its autoscale like that, but I can improve it, thank you!

I think you should make a couple ads for 400 or so robux and see how well they perform. It will give a good indicator of which ads are doing better than others. I’d put more robux on pc than mobile as they can see it more often than mobile.


There are two ways to properly advertise in my opinion.
The first is to steadily advertise, at a few thousand Robux per day. This helps you build up tens of concurrent players, which will (hopefully) like your game, give it a like, come back and build a community. This helps you manage the playerbase, get feedback and implement it. A longer time to improve the game and show it to new players effectively.
The second way is to advertise big for two or three days, amass hundreds of concurrent players, which will cause the game to maintain a higher level of players after your advertisements end compared to the steady advertising.

I hope this helps you in your thinking!

Also, a very minor feedback point: I personally clicked on the open shop button again to try and close it, after which I found the button in the bottom right. Perhaps it’s more convenient to also make it possible to close the GUI the same way you opened it.