How much would i cost to hire?

I am a low-level Builder

I want to know how much this level of building would cost for a map or something.

And how can i improve?

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Judging by the images you sent, you are not ready to sell your services. Keep trying and when you get better, then you can sell your services.


Yes, judging by this, it is not something anyone would not be able to do (I’d find it hard finding a buyer judging by this specific type of work), however here are a few suggestions:

Use part to terrain for the water as it really helps out.

I think I have seen those graveyards before in a fm, however, if they aren’t I apologise, using fms does not usually help.

Reply if you would like any external help regarding your journey. :slight_smile:

Hello @AlexAlexDev , if I had to rate you then it would be 9/10. According to me, I am also a builder and building is my passion. I might be new to the forums but not new to building.
Right now, I’m unable to use Roblox via PC due to an issue but right now, I am looking for a partner and if you would like to offer you to team up with me. I’ve got an experience of a year and we both can learn new things more easily.
Your Cost is determined by your soul and the sweat you put into building a ‘thing’.
Perhaps, you do know your own cost cause I think that my cost right now is still on 0 and I need to achieve it to millions.

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Just a little extra help if you don’t know where to start on your journey to improve,
start looking at images online and try pick out the details in the pictures.
e.g: A house, pick out the details in the porch, the walls, the windows, the door etc.
from there, begin building that house, be creative with how you want to achieve these details and how you want them to appear because building is all about being creative.

Along the way you will become better and eventually you’ll be able to sell your work.
aswell don’t listen to people who say your building is determined by how much time you put into it beause you may naturally be a fast/slow builder. Speed does not matter as long as you build great things.

I wish you the best of luck!

Thanks! Ill try to keep improving.

I have been building for 3 years, But i never seem to improve though.

have you been consistent in developing your building skill?

It looks like a good start but you are definitely not yet ready to start selling your services on here or somewhere else.

The standard for building is quite high as it is now - there are many different builders and there’s plenty of competition which I don’t think your ready for yet.

Keep working on improving your building skill - a good tip I can give you is to use google images and other sources for inspiration. Good luck!

whilst this is wholesome, it simply isnt true

take this… “airport” i built two years ago as a example, i put hours and hours of work into it to make it the best thing i could at the time, and i was proud. But it wasnt and still isnt sell worthy.

Everyone has to start somewhere, with time and practice you can master your craft and start selling stuff, but please done automatically assume your builds are good enough to sell with minimal experience.

That would be my message to any new developers.


Well, I would only say that everyone have their own way of thinking and well I would stay with my own mindset only. I do believe that one day I will become a worthy developer. Well, for you that thing you made and felt proud is what makes that thing ‘special’ and perhaps for others may be a thrash but it is a source for you which will lead you to the path of success.
Anyways, I would continue with myself day by day every morning doing what makes me happy that is building anything I can imagine which may be seem stupid or a thing which makes no sense to others. Thank you. :relaxed:

These different kind of builds you have made, are very well done they each have there own style and i can see some of these small models. Used in showcases, games, ect. That i know will look good! And soon you well be ready to sell your service to people. However regarding selling your work i do feel like your not ready at the, very moment i would suggest you keep on improving and making different kind of creations such as houses, trees, stores, shops, boats, weapons, ect. Those are a couple of things you could! Try making to improve your building skills as that’s. What helps a bunch people what i like to do is, get a image offline (Google) such as low poly houses, trees, weapons, cars, shops, stores, and other different kind of creations try getting a. Image you want to try recreating what i recommend, you do is get a simple house offline and then look at.

The image and try recreating that house such. As adding the details lights, porch, chairs, door, layout, of it and then once you add those! Details you well soon recreate that same house. Just in roblox as i see a couple of people do that on the DevForum, they search up a image and then recreate it and it really looked like the same one, that was shown on google only thing is they made the exact same thing so they could. Work on there building skills a lot more as that’s another way! You could improve your skills is by getting, a image offline and remaking it all by yourself as that’s what, help me and other user’s around here that is. The one thing that will help improve your skills as well!!

Overall, this is what i’ll start at by improving your building skills. Try searching up images that you like to create it could be anything such as houses, trees, rocks, weapons, nature plants, banks, shops, stores, ect. And then once you improve your skills more and more. Then it’s time for you to be selling your service, as i want to say this it’s not going to happen over! Night the next day it will take a while for you to improve. Your skills and once you know it you’ll be making houses, weapons, shops, stores, trees, assets, on your own without a image online i know it might seem hard or take very long to, get your building skills up but don’t even worry once! You do that you’ll be making more things then the. Ones you shown right know anyways you have some! Amazing builds here hope you keep on, improving your building skills and get your building service out there very soon. And i know you well be making awesome creations soon. Just keep on getting better and then you’ll be able to sell your service.