How much would the following system cost or the average? per?

Hello my name is Ezzy and I am working on a Roblox roleplay game similar to ERLC and I need help for the Roblox community on cost of roleplay systems in robux

So I have a dealership system and I want a car plate system which is us based that can be randomized when the player buys to car or when the player sets the plate name to and then buys the car the plate system would only allow on randomized plate number/text per server and if the plate is custom multiple players may have it this also would be saved via api datastore the car will have a plate that has a text label that changes depending on what the text value says inside the car. How much would you think this would cost or its average??

Fuel/Gas system useing achassis and guis
This system would allow settings to be changed per car like fuel consumption,fuel type ,max gallons,also this would need to be movement based bc we have a car starting system on most of the car.The gas pump gui would have all the fuel types and prices per type and then the player can buy half a gallon or full gallon of fuel this data would be saved when they leave and rejoin.How much would this cost?

Car customization/tuning
This system would be based like southwest flordia with the following (Paint, Rim color, Performance, Plate, and maybe bodykits how much would this cost this would also save to

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hello? anyone got an idea?? yall see and don’t say

If people don’t have an answer there’s no reason to comment saying ‘idk’.
What do you mean by how much does it cost? Robux? Money? Storage?

I wanna know how much robux devs would think it would cost

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Ok, so you mean the cost of robux to buy a number plate or gas etc I assume.

I think that a randomly generated number plate should be free, I don’t see why people would pay for something with a random chance, this may also be misleading.
However, the custom number plate I’ve seen in most games is around 25 to 75 robux per change of number plate, and I agree with this price. Maybe a colour/state change could be paid for too.

Fuel/Gas, with the gallon and fuel consumption rate sound pretty valuable, maybe adding an extra gallon start at around 80 to 100 robux and increasing by 45 or 60 the more gallons you add, and the more you lessen the consumption rate?
I don’t think there should be too many types of fuel, or a few of them will be obsolete. Maybe 3 or 4 at max, 1 of course free as it would be standard, then increasing from around 100 to 200.

Car customization & tuning would be the most valuable gamepass as it makes a larger difference than the rest. This should be around 300 to 800 robux if it is just one gamepass, but if you are talking about individual paints and rims separate from one gamepass, I would say around 30 to 80 robux per item.

I highly recommend you do your own research by looking at other similar games’s prices for the passes, and also if you disagree with me then definitely change it to your liking, you don’t need to use what I suggested.

Good luck! :+1: :smiley:

I meant for someone to script but thanks for the ideas

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oof there went 30 mins of today lol, try to be more specific, I thought you meant selling things never mentioned making it.

Nonetheless, have you heard of the Roblox talent hub? Here you can view people’s prices for scripts and creations in robux.

the thing is i look on their and can’t find good scripter in the genre of roleplay