How much would this sell for?

How much for this mini lobby I’m thinking :robux_gold: 1k - 1.5k


This would probably sell for 100 - 200 maximum, in my opinion. It’s a very small and a simplistic build which almost anyone could recreate.


About 1-5 robux, keep trying to improve :slight_smile:


I don’t even think this is sellable considering it’s all free models and it’s a build that will take less than 3 minutes to make. I don’t think I’m recalling correctly, but I believe this is from an uncopylocked game as well, I don’t know why someone would copy this considering it doesn’t look that great. If you make your own models, and expand the width and heighth of the lobby it will actually be sellable. Right now there’s a lot to improve on, make sure to practice building, and get really good at it before selling.


The fact that everything place in this was all free models and looks like it was made in 5 mins. I am saying about 20-30:robux_gold:, 50:robux_gold: at the max, I am giving you the extra points for the snowfall in the lobby.
Best of luck.


Hey, first, I don’t really think you should sell this. Most probably, you should create something almost impossible to recreate 1:1. Why would someone buy this? Althought, with bit of creativity, you can, even you SHOULD make with this wonderful lobby, that can be selled for about 2,5k-7k. Coming back to your topic, you shouldn’t even sell this. Also remember to avoid selling free models. If you sold, your career as developer may wind up after the incident.


Thanks for all of your comments on my build, which will be taken into notice when updating this lobby. I do not think I will be selling this mini lobby any time soon.

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Good idea, best of luck in future development.

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Do you mean 1-5k? Because 5 robux is incredibly low for any build.

His question is not how much is it worth, his question is how much would it sell for.

I do not see anyone realistically paying more then said amounts for this skill level, however for a start out builder if he keeps working on his talent, then he would be hitting the higher prices.

Ok yea, I dont see myself paying more that 15 - 20.

And are those freemodels?

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The max amount I would give for this is :robux: 50. It is very simple and small.

LOL 1.5K you’re losing your marbles. A very small build this is worth 25-50 robux.

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Who said this build was worth 1.5k?

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I have some criticism about this, the bench gives me a free-model feeling, and if it is a free-model consider removing it. Also, the lobby is extremely small and personally I think that 4-5 players would be the max for this lobby. For it’s current state I think you can’t really sell it, but the price could could be 10 - 15 :robux:? I think that you are capable of building something much better and all on your own, without free models, just, before thinking at selling something, do practice.
Wish you good luck and keep building!


they are not free models FYI. I can accept 15 - 20 for it


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Looking at the screenshot, I believe those are free model - not sure. IF you were allowed to sell, and these were not freemodel, I don’t this would be remotely close to 1k, I’d say closer to :robux_gold:15, if anything.


Don’t hate on this man guys! He doesn’t use free models he just borrows them… Dude that’s scamming like common…


“How much is this worth” topics are recently against the rules, sorry about that.