How much would this Star Wars map go for?

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Did you end up submitting this on any game at all?
Secondly, I would price it for 3k - 4k, maybe.


If its big enough and highly detailed then i would say 10k+.


There doesn’t seem to be much detail besides a generated terrain map, copy & pasted trees from a nature pack & a few buildings structures.

I would say about 1k :robux_light: for this.

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Looking great! I’d give it a price for around :robux_gold:4K considering the detail in terms of the building.

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1k? Just look at the detailed base and terrain work, this could easily go for 5k or more.

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Hello, i just want to say that asking prices or ask rating for something is not allowed anymore:


The terrain looks easily generated, with the same copy & pasted tree from some nature pack pasted around the map, the base doesn’t look all that detailed and there seems to be a lot of just empty, unfilled space in areas.


oh mother always giving beautiful feedback! :heart_eyes:

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I can’t really tell how large this map is from these screenshots. But if I was purchasing, I would pay around 10-20k for this build.

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The over all details are worth 5K but with the concern of functionality (If the buyer is looking to turn it to a functioning game) it drops to 1K

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You are literally the only one here recommending such a low price. 1k is way too less considering the detail in terms of assets and the building. It may not look extremely clean, but effort was put in it and 1k just seems unfair.

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It’s my opinion on it, no need to get upset over something that isn’t yours anyways. I never said it was terrible, but it just lacks detail and sentimental value of the project if a large portion of it is generated then modified slightly or from a pre-made nature pack.

It does look good, don’t get me wrong, but there’s no confirmation regarding how up-to-date the scripts are, no showcase of the animations what so ever. Aside from the one area with structures built there doesn’t look like much in the map. Therefore, I suggest a low price.

P.S. Take notice, I replied to this thread 8 days ago, I was the 3rd response. Everyone else has recommended after me, I said what I said.