How old does an account have to be for it to be acceptable?

The account I’m currently using is around 5-6 months old, but I do have main one that’s 3 years old. I submitted my main one, but I’m still worried my application won’t be accepted anymore because of that. Does anyone know if it’s still okay?

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You should be fine, as long as you got invited and sent the email and everything and were able to purchase a ticket you should be fine. I had a friend at RDC 2017 who used his alt account that he made like, 3 months before RDC invite applications.


You only need your age set more than 13 year old.


Wait a second, that was RDC 2017. How about RDC 2019?

Its all the same, if you have applied and you got accepted, they accepted you for a reason.