How realistic is my game?

I have developed this showcase game for 6 days. I would like to know if its realistic or not, and if its creative or not.

Share your thoughts!


Hello! I think your showcase is amazing. I liked the boardwalk and the entrance although I think the spawner can eventually be made invisible, so it’s not as noticed. The trees are extremely nice I thought, and how they move to the wind. The boats I thought were also very nice, but I think eventually can again be touched up on. Overall, I think this is a very good game for 6 days released so far. Hope to see more updates come out in the future!


I really like it, It reminds me of Brownsville Texas because of the mesquite trees and Coconut Palms. you might want to make the boats easier to access I had to swim to board it.

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really cool map, also

what the heck


Wow… I actually never noticed that.

sometimes we do a little trolling

Couple of things to consider:

  • the idea of swaying trees is good (I do the same) but you need to reduce the amount down significant;y (I only sway them 2 degrees every 4 seconds)
  • I got a teleport error (not sure if that’s just me)
  • limit your camera zoom (because i was able to view the square edge of the water)

But, overall this is looking nice. The lighting and ambiance in particular are great. You may want to consider adding water or wind/tree blowing sounds to add to that. The models are nicely done.

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