How should I go about making a "safe place" in my game where players can't be attacked?

Let’s start off with context, my game is a simulator and in it you can upgrade stats like damage and health. Because the stats are in the game there is the ability to fight others in my game. This creates the problem of OP players spawn camping and killing the new players.

I am currently trying to find a way to have a safe space where you can not be attacked but I am having a bit of creative block and would like some feedback/ideas.

Some of the things I have thought of

  • Have players teleport to another map to fight
  • Have a small arena on the main map to fight
  • Have a small portion of the map as a safe space

Would you suggest I go for one of my ideas or a different idea?


I would recommend most likely having a button where you can toggle if you want to fight or not. If you can’t do that I recommend the :heart:


From the simulators that I have seen where you need to fight, most of them have the safe zone at spawn, so anybody that spawns cannot be killed and it would be the player’s choice whether they want to go out of the safe zone or not.

A few ideas that I have thought of are…

  • Making the spawn a safe zone
  • Making a PVP on/off option (as @CommandoX9 suggested)
  • Creating a border between the PVP zone and the safe zone (e.g. 50% safe zone, 50% PVP zone).
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I like that idea but I can’t think of a way to do it properly.

The only idea I have is to set the players health to 1000 and when damaged just heal back to 1000 but this can be exploited by fighters because they could just tap it to heal

Yeah that could be expolited or you can just do?

Uh, that has the same problem.

(referring to when the player is in the safe zone rather then having a button)

Whenever you go to damage a player check to see if they are in the safezone using region3.