How should I go about making ____ and so on

Hello! Im trying to make a game cald super Oofy 64, I haven’t updated it in 1 month because I have lost all motivation because I cant find a scripter. What do I need to make a Death Animation, Sliding System, Wall Hop System, Power Amulet Saving System, World System ( with saving ), Detect if is bumping into a wall, and a NPC and Quest system.

What services or Functions do I need to make these?

And please don’t say to buy on because that is useless information to me and offtopic.

I advise you to do smaller projects first and then know enough to program your systems.

But if you decide to make this big game, then you should give us very detailed information on what you want to do and give us script examples that we can help you with, but please don‘t ask us to write entire scripts for you.



These systems will require a lot of learning and reading to make them. If you are beginning to learn scripting I recommend to start with smaller and less complex systems. However if you are already into scripting and just looking for tips then I’ll give you some resources. Please keep in mind I’m writing this off the top of my hat so they might not even be used and will require a lot more.

Death Animation - Humanoid, Animation, AnimationTrack
Sliding System - Humanoid, States, Animations, Debounces
Wall Hop System - ^
Power Amulet Saving System - DataStore, tables
World System - ^
Detect if is bumping into a wall - Raycasting
NPC and Quest system - tables

Some of these will require communication between client and server (RemoteEvents, RemoteFunctions).
All of them will require some logic behind it and at least intermediate scripting experience.


Here is everything you need explained:
(Just click on the classes you need)

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Yeah, make sure to use DevHub as it contains everything and could help you a lot. Also if you start on the systems you could post some codes here on dev forum to look for help. However don’t ask for developers to write the code for you as @CSJeverything mentioned already.


Make sure to tag us (@Sougood and @CSJeverything) then so we are notified! :smiley:

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