How should I go about making this?

I’m making a game, but the issue is that the game requires me to make a game loop which I’m not very experienced in making. I’ve been scripting for a bit but I haven’t really gotten used to using the three types of scripts (Module Scripts, Server Scripts, and Local Scripts), which makes it harder for me to think about how I want to optimize my code.

The loop will consist of different game modes, team modes (which is the mode that accounts for the amount of players on each team), and will let the players vote for a randomized map that cannot be the same as any other selection button.

Things I’m not sure about

  • How I’m going to implement the game modes and team modes
  • How I’m going to randomize the maps while also making sure there not the same
  • How I’m supposed to optimize all of the scripts
    • Which scripts I should use and how I should go about using them
  • How I’m supposed to return the players voted option (GUI)

The loop will then later track every player, what team there on, and each game mode will track the player’s progress throughout the game. After the time is up, the game will end and the team with x will win.


you can use the local script if you want to do something specific to the player you doing it to.

if you want to make something to all the players (the server) you can use server script.

if you want a script that you can run once and must return exactly one value and you can access it from another server script or local script by require then you can use module script

so put this thing in server script

  • if you want to make the maps & rounds system you can do:
    It’s the easiest I could do:
local Players = game:GetService("Players")
local round = 0

local set = {
	start_time = 15, -- this is how much time you want to wait after one game finished and you want to start another one.
	game_time = 60, -- this is how much time you want the game will be.

local maps = {
	["1"] = 0,
	["2"] = 0,
	["3"] = 0,
	-- if you have more maps then you can add more numbers.

local map1button = the_button_for_your_map_1
local map2button = the_button_for_your_map_2
local map3button = the_button_for_your_map_3

	maps[1] += 1

	maps[2] += 1

	maps[3] += 1

-- if you have more maps then you can add more buttons.

function startRound()
	round = round + 1
	local map = ""
	if maps[1] >= maps[2] and maps[1] >= maps[3] then
		map = "the number 1 map name"
	elseif maps[2] >= maps[1] and maps[2] >= maps[3]  then
		map = "the number 2 map name"
	elseif maps[3] >= maps[1] and maps[3] >= maps[2]  then
		map = "the number 3 map name"
		-- if you have more maps do like this but with the number of your map.
	print("Round "..round.." Start!")
	--\\ !!this is will print the map but here you need to clone your map from a folder of all your maps!! //--
	print("the map is: "

	-- insert your game logic here
	for i, player in pairs(Players:GetPlayers()) do
		-- process each player's round here

	-- Countdown timer for game_time
		for i = set.game_time, 0, -1 do
			print("Game ends in: "..i.." seconds.")

	wait(set.game_time)  -- game runs for 'game_time' seconds
	print("Round "..round.." End!")
	-- making the all the maps 0 votes again
	for i, v in pairs(maps) do
		v = 0

function betweenRounds()
	print("Waiting for the next round...")

	-- Countdown timer for start_time
		for i = set.start_time, 0, -1 do
			print("Next round starts in: "..i.." seconds.")

	wait(set.start_time) -- wait 'start_time' seconds between rounds

while true do
	betweenRounds() -- start the countdown first
	startRound() -- then start the round
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ive created similar scripts for a game im working on. its a combat game with a round/loop system that has map voting and a timer. this is just helping you get ideas as idk what you have alkready done and you should be able to implement this code into yours.

  1. So first in Replicated storage insert a boolvalue and string value.

  2. Name the boolval “inRound” and stringval “Status”. Also insert 2 boolvalues called ‘map1’ and ‘map2’

In ServerScriptService insert and script and type this:

--define variables
local intermission = --how long you want intermission to be
local round = 180 --how long round to be
local inround = game.ReplicatedStorage.inRound
local status = game.ReplicatedStorage.Status
local random = math.random(1,2) --change '2' to a larger number if you have more maps
local map1 = --where ever it is, i assumed replicated storage
local map2 = --where ever it is, i assumed replicated storage
local map1val = game.ReplicatedStorage.map1
local map2val = game.ReplicatedStorage.map2

	if inround.Value == true then
        if random == 1 then
        map1.Parent = game.Workspace
        map1val.Value = true
        map2.Parent = game.Workspace
        map2val.Vlaue = true
        --do whatever you want here like giving players a weapon or smth like that
    elseif inround.Value == false then
    if map1val.Value == true then
    map1.Parent = game.ReplicatedStorage
    map1val.Value = false
    map2val.Value == true then
    map2.Parent = ReplicatedStorage
    map2val.Value = false
        --make sure to reset anything you did while inround == true
--this is the countdown script
local function roundTimer()
	while wait() do
		for i = intermission, 1, -1 do
			inround.Value = false
			status.Value = "Intermission: "..i.." seconds left!"
		for i = round, 1, -1 do
			inround.Value = true
			status.Value = "Game: "..i.." seconds left!"


So thats a basic round system that is very flexible to do what you want in there. I found on how to do it in TheDevKing’s channel so go check him out if you want a better explanation.
If you want a GUI to display the countdown, insert this in StarterGui:
In the LocalScript, type this:

--define variables
local Status = game.ReplicatedStorage.Status
local TimerDisplay = script.Parent.TimerDisplay

Status.Changed:Connect(function() --happens when the stringvalue is changed
	TimerDisplay.Text = Status.Value --updates the text to the number in the stringvalue

so theres a basic round system with a gui that displays how much time is left. reply with more info on your scripts for help with anytthing else.

thats exactly how i randomised my maps lol

I’m going to give you some quick answers to all of your questions.

  1. Game loop:
  • Simply just create a while loop in a server script and add a timer to it. When the timer runs out, the loop will repeat all over again.
  1. Game modes and team modes:
  • You can use a variable to keep track of the current game mode and another variable for the current team mode. These variables can be changed during the game based on players’ choices or time elapsed, depending on your game mechanics.
  1. Map randomization:
  • Create a list of available maps that players can vote for. When voting starts, send this list to the players so they can choose their favorite map.

  • Quick example of a map randomization script:

local avaibleMaps = {"DesertMap", "ArticMap", "SciFiMap", "TropicalMap", "WesternMap"}
local randomizedMaps = {}

for i = 1, 3 do
	local randomMap = nil
		local rng =
		randomMap = avaibleMaps[rng:NextInteger(1, #avaibleMaps)] 
	until not table.find(randomizedMaps, randomMap) --To make sure maps don't repeat.
	table.insert(randomizedMaps, randomMap)

--You would then fire the randomizedMaps table to the client with a remote event.
  1. Optimizing the scripts:
  • I don’t know much about script optimization but I guess you could use Module Scripts to create reusable and organized code that can be shared among various scripts.
  1. Returning Player’s vote with a GUI.
  • Have a GUI with a Local Script that will request the randomizedMaps table from the server by using a Remote Event.

  • When a player clicks on a map, use Remote Events to notify the server about the player’s vote.

  • Afterwards get the map with the most votes and clone it into the Workspace.

  • I’ll also show you a simple script to check the map with the most votes:

local mapVotes = {
	["DesertMap"] = 4,
	["SciFiMap"] = 2,
	["WesternMap"] = 5

local currentMostCount = 0
local currentMostName = nil

for name, count in pairs(mapVotes ) do
	if (count >= currentMostCount) then
		currentMostCount = count
		currentMostName = name

print(("The map with the most votes is "..currentMostName.." with "..tostring(currentMostCount)" votes!")
--This would print "The map with the most votes is WesternMap with 5 votes!"