How should I go around getting players on my roblox game?

Now I don’t know If I should tell others about it, sponsor it or what and I’m stuck on how I could gain traction on the game, can anyone tell me any advice on gaining players?

Do not sponsor, waste of robux.
Use ads! You can pay like, 500 robux and still get some players.

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Some ways I’d recommend advertising:

  • Bid robux on advertisements, they’re usually more effective than sponsors
  • Word of mouth is free! Tell your friends about it, and ask them to tell their friends etc.
  • Head on over to Group Recruiting Plaza and buy a booth, buy a panel that allows users to teleport to your game from your booth if they wish!
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Can you tell me what that is? I would also like players to join my game!

This: Group Finding Center - Roblox

Not sure why it’s closed though.

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Group Recruiting Plaza 6.5 - Roblox?

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Ok, that one apparently works better than mine.

Ill try that, although ill probably spend someone sponsors as a test. thanks!

Don’t sponsor, complete waste of robux.
You’ll regret it.

Got it, I only spent like 10 robux on the sponsor anyways and got like 4 players at best.