How should I grow my group further from its current state

Hey developers, I’ve recently come to the conclusion I should focus on a singular group, which is my Star Wars group.!/about

The Problem I have is, I don’t think we particularly have enough members in the discord, and I can’t really release Advertisements as there isn’t really a game to play, merely a discord to communicate and debate which in itself won’t keep someone occupated for long

So I would like some help regarding how should I grow my group, Paid advertisements in large discords? Constant advertising in discords like GRP? Constantly recruiting at GRP?

What is the Most Effective Recruitment Method?

How should I create activity in my Community Discord?

Extra Notes:
I know there are similar posts about this, but Im specifically looking for people to answer to my case, as my group is NOT a military or a State group, its a unique and Different SW group, which has different circumstances to other groups.

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You can run Roblox ads - people that use Discord will join your Discord server. Also, try making activities on your server like QOTDs and events. Also, it doesn’t matter if you have games or not, you can advertise the group itself.

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scout players in games, Advertises your group.

I strongly disagree, advertisements most likely bring in Children, in the lucky chance I get a good member it will be 1 per 10,000 people, that will cost a major fortune. Advertisements cost money, something I wish to postpone and save up to get my group an actual game.

Frankly the only way to grow a group is by advertisement AND consistent game activity as @DMCPEPlays and @CheerfulStefannafets have both suggested. It is not a sustainable model to have a group with nothing for members to do (unless its an official fan group). Furthermore even though ads may not bring in “specific members” they are still members and more often than not more people will be tempted to join if your group has a higher member count and can be viewed as active.

I would however NOT launch ads until you have a game built and operational with some form of daily activity as it is an even more rare occurrence for people to want to join games that are empty and have no players in them. To achieve this you need to get a game made and get an active staff team that can maintain activity in game.
Hope this is able to help.