How should i improve on this models? What do you think?

Hello everyone!

Im making some models, but i feel that they are kinda clear and boring… :uhh:

Model 1:

Model 2 (this one is supposed to be a snake):

(improved version)

Model 3:

Model 4:

Model 5 (i need to make a head for this one):

What do you think, what more i can add to this models?

Any feedback, opinion and suggestion appreciated. :blush:

Thank you!


They’re good, but they’re all just shapes. Maybe try making them a little bit more complex?

What do you mean by “shapes”?

Also, the models are not finished at all.

Sorry if I sounded rude.

Like this one, it’s made of “squished” spheres, The claws are rounded triangles. And the arms are smooth cylinders with a spherical rounded end.
I guess what I’m trying to say is make them have a little more depth? With creases, maybe more complex hands, etc.

Uh… it’s complicated…

I don’t want to make them very realistic, just a little bit cartoony (snice i do this a lot of time)

They look a lot like Pokemon, is that the cartoony look you’re going for? If so I would like to say they look a little un-proportionate. (This is my first reply, please say anything that I should change in a reply to this reply.)

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Yes, something like that, but with a very small degree of realism, and a little bit of fantasy…

Sorry for the delay

This is what you mean with “depthness”?
NOTE: This are another models

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