How should I improve this?

Hello, DevForum community.

I’ve recently wanted to start getting back on developing small builds, and showcases. I do however, want to improve a game of mine that has been the most successful of all my other games. I already have a few ideas in mind like maybe filling the invisible walls with more scenery, making changes to soundstage 18, and installing Roblox terrain grass. However, I want to hear back from you guys on how else I should improve this build of mine? Here is a link to the game, if you have any ideas. I cannot provide screenshots due to me not having installed Roblox Studio currently.

If you do not have roblox studio installed then how do you have a game? You can provide screenshots by you joining the game and showing us.

This is a different computer of mine. I used to have a tower PC, until it started becoming slow and almost unusable. I haven’t gotten around to installing Studio on my other computer yet, mainly because I became less interested in Roblox before.

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Oh I cant really play it right now but I will make sure to check it out later.

You should really consider not using free models because it lowers your image as a developer imo. It looks decent but the buildings are not actually up to scale with the ROBLOX characters.

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I do understand about the free modeled trees, I will replace the vegetation. The building however is supposed to be an almost exact replica of the real former studios, I do plan to decrease the size maybe a little bit.

Your mainly was focusing on the exterior rather than the interior of the building, rather than jumping to conclusions. The building looks a little here and there from my opinion.

However, in terms of interior, there is little to no detail around the area. The building material used looks decent since it seems like the old nickelodeon studio, there would be a bunch of decorations such as interior decorations picture frames art chairs and more.

You should try focusing on the interior and adding different doors to explore the studio, I can see this project has been thrown away for a while. However, judging from the building it looks good I just think the building lacks a bunch of features including decorations welcoming feel and placements around the entire building.

If your wanting to improve the place try using reference images so you’ll find what placements are needed in the interior whether it be finding a proper color scheme, materials, textures and other objects. Decent job with the build so far it just needs it’s final touches.



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I obviously think that you should make your build more alive. You should probably add something like music. Another suggestion is to add more detail to the outside. I do like the trees you put in, but try to add some more design.

Overall, I think it is great.

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