How should I improve this?

Hello, I just made a game, well kind of. I’ll explain that later.

Anyways, I made a game called Old Swordfighting, it is a 2007 style swordfighting game, how can I improve it.
Before you start complaining about the “click to move mouse”, I am NOT removing that, you can still use WASD, I just like the mouse (lol).

Suggestions, also please keep suggestions more building styled, I know nothing about scripting.

(Ok here is the “explaining part”, so the game used to be a really really bad racing game (which is why it has 5 downvotes and 4 upvotes), but it was my game with the most visits, the game that I first made, so I wanted to make it into something better.)

Here is the game.

(Also if you like it, please upvote because I kind of need that now lol, the old game was really that bad.)


First, I just want to mention that you did a great job recreating Roblox’s earliest style - it was clearly a game intended to look like that, and not something that hadn’t been updated.

In terms of building, you’d definitely need more decoration. If you want to stick to an old building style, you can keep the blocks but there needs to be more to it. The spawn pillars should be something other than a single block - possibly a tower or some other object that’d be decorated without obstructing the player. The floating blocks aren’t an issue, but there should be more variety. If you want to stick to that type of obstacle, you can try to make them more unique (such as stone spires rising from the lava or hovering objects); the singular blocks just aren’t cutting it (at least in my opinion).

Edit - to add on, I think you need a background; either a skybox or a simple object-based background (like mountains or a cityscape). The lava is also reminiscent of the old style, but the lower decal quality is one of the first things I noticed.

I hate to burst the bubble, but the 2007 thing was a free model. Although I did do all the building and some GUI stuff, all the scripting came from a free model (because I’m trying to learn Lua, yes in the future I will make my own work on it, and do a lot more on my end).

Decoration is DEFINETLY on my list, stone pieces to jump on, a lot of them will rotate, and more kill bricks. There will also be different levels on the pillars (yes I’m working on those spawn tower pillars).

About the skybox, I’d either keep it how it is, or make a retro-ish lava fight skybox, and the floor decal was put like that on purpose.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion!


Alright. It’s great that you have a list of what to do!

I just wanted to add on to my suggestion briefly - for the background, since the ground is lava, you could make a blocky volcano-type structure like this:

(sorry for the poor variation, I just copy and pasted blocks over and over)

For the hovering parts, you could replicate a model and program it to randomly alter the size or color of blocks, and it’d still keep the style you’re going for:

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I agree with @Pythoicus.

Making parts/meshes look randomized and unique is actually quite easy once you get the hang of it. Simply make one or two variations of something, and use the rotate/resize tool to your advantage.


Yes! The Pillars and parts are DEFINETLY going to be redone, this is a alpha version of the game (I just made it), and I wanted some ideas.
Thank you!

I’m new to Blender, so still learning!

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It is good, my only complaint is let me fall without dying cus im trash at parkour lol

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It’s very smooth and basic the areas where players spawn out could use a few improvements have you considered adding elements in the middle to help players get to other towers rather than dying very easily on the obstacles? Even though not much is added classic style normally had the stud material this will make it look quite nice and fit the old theme your trying to approach.

Although it is completely decorations will be added very soon I’m assuming. Even though it’s simplistic and simple it still fits the old theme I’m curious your just messing the stud material look as it was used in older games back then. The middle could be filled with blocks or a variety of tower types for extra details.

Otherwise the old style game is fine as it is.