How should I reduce lag in my game

What are the efficient ways to optimize your game? In my game it is really unoptimized. What are things lagging in script/building. I only need the ways to optimize my game.

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what do you think is a suspicious source of lag in your game? that’s kinda vague how you put it

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You should first consult the console, and learn more about how that data can help you pin-point any problems in your game.

Each section will offer you information about what things are used in the game, if you see anything unusual or spiking you can track where it’s coming.

You can also reduce lag by using textures in place where parts are not needed.

Keep your place clean from malicious scripts when using free-assets. Make sure what you are inserting doesn’t contain any script that will mess with your game.

Don’t union everything, they take a lot more computing power to process, and will affect your game’s performance.

Usually scripts can drop performance when it involves loops that either create a large amount of data, or they run extremely fast when they are not supposed to. Check your scripts to make sure you don’t have loops making a lot of data.


Can you union it, explore selection, then upload it to a mesh part? is that fine?

The Microprofiler is a great way to get concrete statistics on how the Roblox engine is performing. It helps spot bottlenecks such as:

  • Slow physics,
  • Slow graphics,
  • Slow Lua execution,
  • C++ features such as Terrain being overloaded

Additionally, it supports profiling a real Roblox server to see how you can optimize your game to run faster there. To learn more, visit the DevHub article on the Microprofiler.

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no not really I need to learn more ways to optimize

Thanks for the explaination! It really helped me.


As a Builder, lag can be caused by alot of parts being used…It will be easy for modelers since they can rebuild the structures, Made by blender. But for builders…It’s hard to make a game without modeling since we are not familiar with modeling houses, trees etc.