How should I sponsor my game?

I have a 10k robux budget for my new game, I want to spend this robux strategically because it’s a lot for me and I’m not going to have that much again for a while. I am trying to make a nice return on this game as well, hopefully above 120%. Considering the style of the game, I would like to know what my target audience should be. Thank you!

For reference, here is the game:!/about

Hey! I just spent some time playing the game, I think your target audience should be younger kids since the game is more of a simple tycoon / simulator and most 13+ kids are more interested in shooting / horror types of games so I think a younger audience would be the better choice.


Would not recommend advertising the game at this point. It doesn’t seem well suited to either active or idle players. Going idle for a long time isn’t a viable strategy, and there isn’t that much to do moment-to-moment. The space also seems cramped.


Try testing it out with a few hundred robux on different timings-days-and age groups. Once you get a desired result spend the 9k on that particular instance.

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Should I sponsor on a specific day or does it matter? I notice on weekends its higher cost, lower impressions and weekdays its lower cost higher impressions (at least this is what I’ve heard).

I’m not really sure but I think it would be more strategic if you did it on weekends since more kids play on weekends in their free time.

I’m not too sure though, I don’t know much about Roblox advertisements

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Thank you for the advice but I’m set on sponsoring.

True, I’ll research some more about weekends

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