How should I start making my Chassis?

Hi! I am planning on making a custom chassis for Bloxy Kart 2. How should I make the kart move? Should I use a body mover, and ContextActionService? And constantly fire a RemoteEvent? Or is there a better solution? Please let me know, because I plan to add antigravity also. Thanks! We

Oh yeah, something to add, it will have customizable parts.

I believe handling it all on the client with CAS would be a good idea, however hear me out. From experience, firing lots of remotes can be pretty bad, especially since there’ll be large input delay for a game which requires precision at higher levels of play. As such, we’ll take notes from the normal player and have movement controlled by the client, whilst being monitored by the server. This way, there’ll be no input delay and will feel smoother.

For the actual driving, however, I would recommend either a VectorForce or some sort of custom movement. It ultimately comes up to preference though, so take your choice.


Ok. So to move it on the client, I would need to use Seat:SetNetworkOwner(Player: Player)?

this is provided by roblox but it may not give you everything you are looking for

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Yes, you would, as long as the seat is the main part of the chassis, i.e. the PrimaryPart or whatever everything is welded to.


Are attributes the way to go???

Personally, I would rather use a server-sided module to control the specifics about the vehicle, that way I can check speed, implement gravity changes, etc without having to go through 20 scripts.

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How would the player control the car? I would rather not use Roblox’s vehicle seat. I want to make my own things.