How should I start making my game?

Hello so I’ve been trying making a game for the last week or so but can’t really find where should I start… So where should I start, and why? Should I start by making the gameplay features, and then build the map, or should I start by building the map, and then make the gameplay? Thanks in advance!

  • Gameplay, then the map
  • The map, and then the gameplay

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(I’m not a native speaker, sorry for my bad English)


this will depend on what you are good at if you are good at building then you should start with the map first, but if you are a scripter then you should probably start with the gameplay as it would be easier and if the game is going well you could pay someone to do the parts you are not too great at

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Gameplay is absolutely more important. It is a game after all. I see a lot of builders making maps for their “game”, which never actually comes to fruition.

You shouldn’t waste your time like that. Even if you don’t know how to code, this is valuable time you could be spending earning money to hire someone, or learning programming yourself.


I suggest starting on the gameplay or ‘lobby’ first, the main central area. Maps can always be focused on later.


you should always start making the actual game play first, because people don’t want to play a dis-functional game, even if it looks really good. In addition, not making the map first will make debugging WAY easier.


Game-play >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Map.

Most people would rather play something that is really fun on a gray plate than play something that has nice visuals but weak game-play. The game-play is like the foundation of your game and is what makes it the most unique, and determines the replay value. Game-play is definitely the direction to start in.

You can also release a build of the game you programmed to see if people like the direction you’re going in. The same can’t really be said for creating the map first.


Just make a trial map for testing the gameplay until you finish with all the features.


I believe the game-play is something which is more necessary than the map for example. In my opinion, I see the map as detail, and you should always save the detail to last.

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I think Extra Credits says it best.