How should I store positions?

So lets say that the player can purchase blocks.
On default the player has a single block and when they purchase another one it goes like this for example on top of it.

So my question here is how should I handle the position where a block goes on purchase.
Should I just store their position values somewhere like a module or how I did it while testing with attachments or parts and just applying its position to the part.

How do you sort of “professionally” go about storing positions?,


Eh, any way that works is fine. I would store an ordered list of blocks, and just compute the next position as the position of the last block + some constant Vector3.

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You can use Vector3Value and CFrameValue, these exist for a reason.

You should add in a folder called “StoredPositions” into ReplicatedStorage, since Replicated wont do anything bad with it. Then you should add VectorValues and name them after your stored positions.