How should players obtain resources?

so i have a voxel sandbox survival pvp game, and I would like the obtainment of resources to be different. In the previous version, I used “generators” which generates material, I am open to new ideas for the revamp .


Well I’ll go over ways of obtaining resources that I know of.

  • Usually in survival games players collect resources directly from the environment–cutting trees, collecting rocks, hunting animals.
  • By generators I assume you mean structures that create resources for players to come by and collect, or maybe the resources go directly into a storage.
  • I remember vaguely in Frostpunk there’s a DLC scenario in which players ask for resources, which are delivered in scheduled shipments. I think this is very interesting.
  • You can allow players to buy resources, using one activity to fund for others.
  • Some games have specific areas or gamemodes that reward players specific items for participating in them.

Generally for a sandbox survival game I’d go with allowing players to collect resources from their environment, since they’re meant to survive and interact with their environment.

yeah, but i don’t want to make it look like another “generic” nature exploration game, the game is set on a grey planet with abandoned buildings and void of life

In a setting like this I figure there are some resource-gathering options I’d provide players.

  • Looting from those abandoned buildings
  • Receiving resources from a base, like a spaceship that carried the player to the planet
  • Dismantling existing structures, like said buildings or spaceship, to obtain usable material
  • Having resources generated or delivered to players, like an exploration mission with set resupply points

i am willing to do naturally placed deposits of materials, but I’m worried there will be no resource if the server is online for long enough