How to access an offline's player database through scripts


I am making a system like steam trading where players can trade different items and also chat. I would like to know how I can access an offline’s player database by using player.UserId . Thanks!

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If you have their username, you can do Players:GetUserIdFromNameAsync(username) if that errors just do players:GetUser and look for auto complete that looks similar to what I told yiu

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If you are trying to access their datastore on studio you can use this module:

but it cost 200 robux

if you want to access the datastore of an offline user on roblox, It’d be the same way you access it when they were online.

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access it

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Exactly what I was looking for! Works very nicely. Thanks!

And I have a bonus question to the original one, can I use this the same way as a normal online’s player database?

Short on funds at this moment… It isn’t really what I am looking for. @domboss37 answered with what I was looking for so the issue is solved. Thanks anyways!

Yes it’ll work the exact same way, as long as the player is in the database

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