How to add table in table without index number?

I have a table in a table, when I fill the table manually, the tables are set without additional indexes (this is very convenient), but when I fill the table using table.insert (), the index is added.
Example: local Hotel2 = {[“Floors”] = {
[“F1”] = {
[“R1”] = {
TV = 1,Toilet = 2,Decorations = 3
[“R2”] = {
TV = 1,Toilet = 2,Decorations = 20
Encode: [{"Floors":{"F1":{"R1":{"Decorations":3,"TV":1,"Toilet":2},"R2":{"Decorations":20,"TV":1,"Toilet":2}}}}] (Manually)

table.insert(Hotel2.Floors,len(Hotel2.Floors) + 1,{["F1"] = {
	["R2"] = {
		TV = 1,Toilet = 2,Decorations = 3

Encode: [{“Floors”:{“F1”:{“R1”:{“Decorations”:3,“TV”:1,“Toilet”:2}},“2”:{“F1”:{“R2”:{“Decorations”:3,“TV”:1,“Toilet”:2}}}}}]
(With insert)
Problem is index “2”
function len return len of table (because “#” not work in this way)
I need table like in Manually, but with table.insert()

What you could do is make another dictionary that has all the index values of that dictionary in order, and make your own custom add function. In that function, you would provide a number, and it will return the appropriate string index that corresponds to that number. With that, you can figure out how to add elements yourself.

On the side note, this code is really messy, and unreadable to a lot of users. I don’t know what you are trying to do, but this is obviously not the best way to do it. If this isn’t like a custom furniture system test, then you should just build and place the models by hand instead of doing it through extensive dictionaries.