How to allow players to spawn as multiple Rigs

I can make players spawn as my custom rigs but only 1, when I attempt to put multiple in Starterplayer it only allows the player to spawn as one of them.
I couldn’t find a video to help me solve this issue and I’m not good at scripting, is there a way I can make multiple rigs players can spawn as that randomize, or character selection?

Thank you

edit: I didn’t know which category this should’ve gone in between game design or scripting, sorry if I put it in the wrong category

Only 1 StarterCharacter model in the StarterPlayer folder will ever be used, if you want to use a different one you’ll need to delete the existing StarterCharacter model in the folder and move another StarterCharacter model inside.

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The thing with that is that it removes the previous rig and only allows players to spawn as a new one. I want to make it so players can spawn as multiple StarterCharacter’s, randomized or selection is fine either way.