How to always center a GUI and it's children?

I want my announcement GUI to be centered regardless of any device the players play on. I’ve looked on DevForum for a solution, but the solutions that I saw were confusing for me, I tried a plugin, confused me. I’m just really confused on what I just do for this

Assume that the anchor point is 0.5 on scale on all dimensions, you need to set the position’s UDim2’s scale to 0.5. Each UDim2 contains X and Y, where both each contains {scale, offset}, offset is precisely in pixels.

That is only in circumstance that the UI piece is parented to ScreenGui.

I’m confused, what do I set to 0.5? Anchorpoint.X, Anchorpoint.Y, Position.X.Scale, Position.X.Offset, Position.Y.Scale, or Position.Y.Offset?

All the anchor points’ values should be set to 0.5. More about that here:

Set both scales to 0.5, not offset. Read more about it here: