How to attach stuff to a vehicle

So, when I try to attach stuff like lightbars to a car (the army truck that has the “high-quality” badge from roblox) the stuff I attach stays while the car moves; the stuff I attach stays in the position.

How do I fix this?

I’ve tried welding the stuff to the car , but it still didn’t work.


Unanchor every part you’re trying to attach, as well as every part in the vehicle, then weld it.

Every part in the model you’re trying to attach has to be welded to each other, then you can weld just one part from that model to one part in the car model.


Which weld should I use? (I used the weld plugin)

You can just use a regular WeldConstraint. Select all of the parts you want to weld together, then click create WeldConstraint on the Model tab. It’ll automatically create welds if the parts are touching. To weld parts that aren’t touching, select the first part, click create WeldConstraint, then select the second part.


Thanks. (30 cccccchhhhhaaaaaarrrssss)