How to auto ban hackers

pls tell me how to auto ban hackers and patch hacks bec this is my first time patching hacks

You will have to use a script for that

This is the wrong category, you can’t ask for scripts here

You are also not following the guidelines for posting a topic in the category

You should first of all read the rules for posting in the #help-and-feedback:scripting-support category.

And as a good reply, I would say you should find out what is causing the problem first of all to patch it. There are different kinds of exploits, so one can’t just say type in this script and you won’t have any hackers.

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Honestly, we’re not here to spoon feed you exact scripts. Learn yourself, don’t be lazy.

ok tysm of your help i will see should i delete this post?

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Instead of deleting, and creating a new one later, what you could do is, read the rules and provide more info on how the exploit is happening so we can provide you guide on how to try and patch it, although not spoon feed.


Well, be more descriptive and try yourself instead of asking more experienced scripters to do it for you.


We’re here to help, not to do ANYTHING and EVERYTHING for you. What exactly are you struggling with?

people come and fly noclip afk kill farm (its fps game) crash server and kick people from server

You will have to make some basic anti exploits, that will handle the fly, no clip, speed hacks etc. But as for the crash server, kick people from server its probably the matter of handling Remote Events securely.

A prebuilt anti exploit framework can come in handy sometimes:

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Like @WaterJamesPlough said about the kick thing, you need to really clean up the RemoteEvents that kick players. These can easily be abused, literally anyone with an exploit (even free) can fire that remote from the client and kick whoever they wish. This should be a top priority.