How to be better builder?

I would like ask you how to be better builder
You can send me some ways or methods or tips
I just need be better builder but I don’t know how yet
Thank for any help!



I would highly suggest you view existing topics about this. I will provide some examples:


Practice, practice, practice, practice, learn from other people, practice, keep practicing.


I think you can use this one from the other topic. I hope it was helping you.


When you build, for me take your time when doing it as it allows me to focus on making details and overall makes your builds more real and something you can be proud you have done.


There are other topics on this, but practice really. If you can’t understand something, watch tutorials. Experiment with news things. Expand your horizons. Learn & understand everything in studio. Understand what XYZ does and how to use it etc. Don’t spend hours and hours or days into building because you’re gonna get bored or lose motivation. Take inspiration from media, shows, movies, other builders builds (But not stealing…)


Music. Always have your favourite music on when you’re building, it gives you good vibes and motivates you to keep on building. Music also acts like fireworks in your head, it explodes and gives you new ideas and expands your imagination.


The only way to actually get better at building is through practice. The only tips I can offer you are:

  • Listen to music, it personally helps put me in the mood to build and just improves my morale overall.

  • Don’t get jealous of other people, instead think about how you can reach the same level as them and essentially take inspiration from them.

  • Look (and build) from many reference pics, in many different styles. It can be low-poly, high-poly, high-detail, cartoony, basically anything you desire. This will not only improve your experience with many styles, but you’ll be sure to find your own style throughout the process.

  • Don’t overwork and don’t demoralise yourself. This kept me away from building for 2 years and that’s something I really regret.

  • Once again, practice. You can’t get anywhere without that. Throughout my 4 years of building I’ve looked at many tutorials, and seeked help from many other devs.

And one final, more personal tip: you can never have too much detail.

Best of luck! :+1:


A similar topic to this already has been made on the forums. I recommend doing a quick search before creating a new thread just to avoid repeating questions as this has been asked before please search before asking or creating another thread.

As for tips or becoming a better build it all about practice. Try creating some small objects based off of a reference image keep experimenting with different styles. Don’t be scared to try new things or techniques; try to make things that you’ve never made before and continue on looking at other people’s build or images. Finally, you should look up a few tutorials or things to help you improve more if there needed later down the line.

As I said before there’s a bunch of topics on how to get better at building or if your looking for tips which have a lot of useful information I’m not going to go into details since there are numerous of threads already that have been asked and made.


Take a look at pictures of real buildings, and try to notice patterns among buildings. This will help you be a better builder, and also use free models for inspiration.

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Here’s a few tips:

  1. Don’t become dependent on references. I know people who can make amazing things on Roblox but only when looking at a reference and can’t really build anything without one.

  2. There are lots of really good plugins out there that will make your life so much easier as a builder. Some include: GapFill, Reflect, Resize, F3X/SBS, Archimedes, and many more.

  3. When building large maps always start with a non detailed layout before starting on anything detailed. This will help you know where everything on the map is going to go and not having to worry about redoing the entire map just because it wasn’t what you had in mind.

  4. Learn to 3D model. Being able to 3D model as a builder is an amazing bonus considering there is so much you can’t do with Roblox and so much you can do with softwares like Blender, Maya, Cinema 4D, etc.


I recommend sticking more to blender when building things.

Practice. Practice. Fail. Learn.

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It is nice to see that you have the ambition to learn more about Roblox building. To become a better builder I would follow these strategies to get you started.

Start by building small things to start you off like (a table, a flower pot, a building (exterior only), etc. then once you get the hang of it then you can kick it up a notch and start building complex things like interiors and what not.

Second, use as many resources as you can to start. I would advise you to go to Youtube and look at some tutorials on the basics of Roblox building.

On that note, you should also look at videos on how to use studio tools. You have no idea how much easier life is when you know where all the tools are in the studio is, how to use those tools to build your masterpiece. I would also advise you to use plugins.

some plugins that I personally use that could help in your developing journey are

Third, have fun with it. Don’t bring yourself down because the end product is something that you did not envision in your mind, keep working and it will help you indefinitely.

And practice, practice, practice. the more time you invest in learning how to develop in Roblox studio the faster you will be able to learn the basics and be able to move on the intermediate stage and eventually the advanced stage.

I have 5 years under my belt for almost 6 years and I can tell you in the beginning things will look meh but with time and effort, you will be astonished by the things you can create with the knowledge you have acquired over the past years of learning.

If you have any questions that you want to be answered you can always message me and I will try to get back to you as fast as I can.

Good luck on your Developer journey. :grinning:


Tip 1. Don’t use f3x
Tip 2. Use plugins
Tip 3. practice


Anchor every block or else the building will collapse. Put colors, use 3D text plugin and realism if you want. Change the bricks material.

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Don’t force yourself into building, relax when you’re building and take you’re time if you’re doing it as a hobby.

Pay attention to detail and be consistent with the tone you’re expressing in builds.


Try out new things that you’ve never tried before.
Practice things, that you are bad in.

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DETAIL. I see a common mistake and it’s detail. From one model to a whole game, detail is key to success. Also learning more about studio functions. C:

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1.To become a better builder you use basic plugins that helps a lot and simplify everything.
2.Don’t make your life harder, think at what you want to build and create a plan that sticks with your building easy.
3.Watch tutorials if needed. Don’t rush by yourself
These are the tips , hope was useful!

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