How to be invited and how does the "waves" system work?


I noticed that some top contributes didn’t get invited on the first round neither did some top developers. So how do you get invited???

I also noticed that there is a system where they invite people in separate waves: 1, 2, and 3.

How do these waves work?

Overall I’m confused.

PSA: Wave one invites have been sent

Since space is limited they send out waves of invites, which is essentially a group of specific users that all receive an invite at the same time. The first wave is sent out to veterans, top developers, accelerators, incubators and other users that are generally able to bring a lot to the table for Roblox. This is to ensure that the most ‘important’ users all get the chance to attend the RDC. Once some time has passed (a couple weeks usually) the next wave is sent out in which other, lesser known developers are invited.

It can be a bit hard to determine during which wave you will be invited, but generally speaking all ‘relevant’ users will be invited during the first or second wave. Lesser known developers will usually also get the chance to buy tickets during the later waves, but there is no guarantee that there is enough space for everyone, hence this system of waves.


Basically, all the people they want at rdc e.g. the top contributers/top devs are in wave 1. In wave 2 is like the lesser people (not as a human, but as a dev/importance in Roblox community)
Then wave 3. Each waves number of invites is based on how many people accepted in the waves before them. e.g. 100 spaces vacant for RDC. in wave one, 50 people accept out of 100. Roblox won’t send another 100 invites, as 50 spots were already taken. So, there are less invites in wave 2.
EDIT: just realized @Zomebody beat me to it :expressionless:


I’m unsure about your statement regarding number(s) who’re invited:

Although from what I’m aware that all members are invited into Roblox Developer Conference (RDC) once the last wave of invites has been sent. I do not believe they limit invites due to the previous waves because that’s assuming all 50 people in the second wave will accept. Furthermore, once they’re sold out, I believe its over regardless if you have been invited or not but there is always an opportunity to wait for any vacancies.

I’d like to add on to this topic as well but I’m unsure if this is true or not so you can take my words as a matter of “pinch of salt.” I’ve read somewhere in this forum likely to be from another user such as myself the

Ignore due to error

last wave is invites to ‘New Members’ while the second wave is everyone else (or, I’d like to call just members)

. If anyone know’s I’ve been misinformed - please let me know. I do not want to start telling other users incorrect information. :joy:

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I can assure to you, the last wave is not only for New Members. Last year, I was invited as a New Member in Wave 2. There’s no known scale as to who gets chosen in a wave, but as formerly stated, it more than likely pertains to relevance. Don’t think that you won’t get invited because you’re not a popular dev.

Also, the invites are split into waves, Wave 2 being the biggest wave (historically, at least) with most of the remaining members of DevForum being invited (not sure how that will work with the current DevForums) and Wave 4 being applications. The size of these waves depend on the amount of spots remaining at RDC.


I absolutely agree with that statement regardless if it’s me or anyone yet, you also support my statement which all members are invited regardless of popularity or anything.

Although what I have to argue it does not seem appropriate to limit invites because chances are half of developers might not even attend RDC. By limiting invites due to remaining spots your affecting the chance of maximising profit.

I believe you also misunderstood my comment about last wave as well. I do not refer applicants as the last wave as invites are given at different times depending when the applicant had been sent. From my experience at RDC 2017 UK, all tickets were sold which I’m aware some who did go through application waited month-2 months after the 3rd wave.

Last but not least I’d like to thank you for correcting my point regarding ‘New Members.’

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Can you define your usage of relevant here, please?


I was unable to find a better word to describe it since there is no public checklist that tells someone how likely they are part of a certain wave, which is why I put it between single quotes (could have probably elaborated on it a bit).

What I am essentially trying to say here is that RDC is an investment from Roblox where engineers get feedback to help them develop better features and developers get the opportunity to learn more and create more connections. If I am a completely new developer who does not know how to program, has barely touched Roblox Studio and is definitely not going to release a game within the next year, then there is not much reason for the developer to have access to the resources at RDC. It makes more sense to invite the developers that show promise, are already established and will benefit the most from RDC.

So in short, the relevant users would be users that can help the engineers figure out what features are best to prioritize in the next year and will also benefit from being at the event. That being said, this is all from my personal experience and from what I’ve heard from other users, so there might be more to the invitation process. Maybe I’ve been receiving invites each year because I have funny hair, who knows!


I completely agree, I may have worded this wrong however.

The invites may not be limited, but the tickets are

I meant to portray this and you bringing up the developers not showing up made me realize that I worded it wrong. The wave sizes depend on the invites, and not everybody buys a ticket when they’re invited. There’s a certain amount of tickets that are available for sale and whatever is left is transferred to the next wave.

That’s what I meant to say, I completely understand you though.

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It also depends on where you are located. In the US the tickets will be bought much faster than in the UK.
Nightgaladeld said everybody in the DevForum will get invited.

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I’m not sure whether he did or not but didn’t he say after that that was a mistake?

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He hasn’t taken it off discord so I think it’s legit.

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Oh I just found the post where I saw it

But I might still be wrong so…
Edit: the order of the quotes was wrong- its fixed now

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Who knows although I could also be incorrect but these waves have never really been defined so it’s all predictions. :slight_smile: