How to become a regular faster

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You Need To Have Good Behavior, Post On The" FORUM APPROPRIATELY", and be active on the forums.

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I believe the promotion system for Member to Regular is currently disabled until they revisit the criteria. Since post-approval was a factor in the algorithm promoting users, its discontinuation means that members aren’t able to be promoted.

See this article: How to level up on the Roblox Developer Forum


Well, tbh i think just be active, post a few forums daily, reply and like messages, etc.

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Its impossible to get regular until they implement a new feature to replace Post Approval.


There isn’t really a way or solution to earn Regular on the forums it’s a rank where you’re highly trusted with high quality topics and make appropriate topics in #platform-feedback to go through PA, which has been removed since.

Being active on the forums isn’t another way to get Regular, just good topics, a healthy moderation and great Features or Bugs in #platform-feedback can probably earn you that rank.

While you’re at it with PA, read this topic: FYI on Post Approval review times and phasing out

Like others have said, the promotion from Member > Regular is on hold until a replacement of PA or something like that is is introduced, most likely an announcement will appear when that happens.

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Read this:

You’ll need to browse regularly, make posts, go through post approval several times and abide rules and guidelines.

However, they need something to replace Post Approval, so you can’t become a regular till then.

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Go read it it will explain it in better words.

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Next to regular it says automatically given, so I would guess so.

But they need to replace post approval before any of us can get promoted to regular.

Post Approval used to be a team or a group of people that moderates and passes topics that need to be approved by members such as #platform-feedback topics or possibly other reasons like discord links, somehow that needs approval.

It’s been phased out since then and I already linked a topic about that in my reply, should see that.

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