How to change animations at will

So lets say i wanted to change the players walk animation at will like have it be walk animation 1 or 2
like in this game Clip, Edit, and Share Your Game Clips & Gameplay - Medal

see i had a animation for the first part then it activated another one

Just replace the animate script in the character with the one with your animation?

but could i change it at like will? like at one seconds animation 1 another animation 2

Yeah, manipulate the original animate code in the character.

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i will thanks but do u know how to do that?

This is tricky, I don’t usually use the animate script so you would have to wait or figure some stuff out yourself, but basically, creata a bool value in the animate script and on like 352 there is a function which determines running action, just modify it by using the bool value and switching the animation, you could use the playAnimation function at line 237 but make sure to add your animation in the same format as the rest in the animNames table at like 32!