How to change the color of a MeshPart (without changing its image texture)?

I want to change the color of a meshPart imported from Blender (with image textures), when the mouse is over it, like ImageButton.
But I don’t want to create another image texture for that.
How can I do this?

So there’s really only 1 little broken way I know of. You basically put a special mesh inside your mesh and then you put the mesh I’d inside the special mesh. After that insert a decal inside as well and put the texture on the decal. Then you can change the decals color and it’ll change the parts color. However it changes it based off of the textures color so if the texture is black you won’t see any change. To reiterate you have a mesh part inside the mesh part you have a special mesh and a decal. Mesh I’d inside the special mesh and texture inside the decal

The catch with that though is if you want accurate colors when changing them, then I would recommend making the initial texture mostly white as it is easier to get different colors out if it.

I appreciate your response, but this is very confusing.
If you have time and willingness, I would appreciate it if you could put screenshots step by step.

Actually, the only visual effects I can do for now are to change the transparency and create an Adornee box.
But the ideal would be to change the appearance of the texture to something without saturation.

I can show you on discord because that’s some steps I would have to explain in a vc IT KingMatt#8184

Thank you, but I think that if you have a viable solution for this, the ideal would be to leave it here, since this can help the whole community and future research, which is more difficult in Discord, because there is nothing indexed by Google .

Roblox, we really need this feature added! Currently I just finished working on a character coloring system, however, each character has a textured meshpart as their hair/hat, so the colors can’t be matched.

I think many people other than me would benefit from this addition, hence why I bumped this thread.