How to change the Orientation of a part that is moving with a "BodyPosition"

So Hello Everyone, I’m trying to make a part that move and can take a player on it, but I want for the part to move in circle and I can’t find a way for the part to change the orientation while moving in the circle

“remember the part is supposed to carry a player on it”

Also add a BodyGyro, and every time you update the BodyPosition.position, you’ll also want to set the BodyGyro.cframe to soemthing like…, bodyPosition.position)

This creates a cframe that has the orientation of the part position looking at the target location of the BodyPosition.

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I’ll Try I hope this will work

Do you already have code that updates the BodyPosition.position so that it moves in a circle? If not, I can write up some code on how I’d do it.

yes of course I have one I am going to add a BodyGyro

It seems like you’re having a part circle around a center point. If you want to do this, just have a part that won’t move at the center, have the moving part welded to the center part, unanchor the center, insert a BodyPosition in the center and make the position property the same as the part’s position, add a BodyAngularVelocity in the center, then you’ll have a part that spins around a center point with no scripting for the properties.

You could also just have a BodyGyro but that may require a painful and unnecessary amount of scripting.

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thanks but for the thing that I want to do VitalWinter’s idea is better