How to change the speed of the tween depending on the angle, g force and gravity?

How to use roblox physics to determine if the end is possible to reach when using tweens.

I want to use tweens to make a rollercoaster/train system. Where depending on normal roblox physics how it will move it’s speed and all that. I give the script a few blocks/bezier curves and I want the script. To make all the tweening points, speed, angles and all that. Kind of like theme park tycoon 2 but more monorails and stuff.

I’m doubtful theme park tycoon 2 uses roblox physics as it has massive gaps like this, where it detaches, from the rail entirely.

How would I go about making a script to simulate roblox physics and make tweens, (or alternatives) to determine the speed and route of it’s movement.

I have thought of making it moving with roblox physics and then making a ton of values in a table to tween to every 0.05 seconds but I knew it wouldnt be performance efficent and would be really hard to make custom monorails/trains in game. Any ideas on how to go about it?

Use the Roblox Physic for that is a Bad idea.

Yes Theme Park Tycoon dosen’t use the roblox physic for rides and NPCs. All rides car and NPCs are anchored (the primary part)

Using tween for that is a bad idea. You should use the Hearbeat event of the RunService. You can add waypoint on the track and use the CFrame Lerp function.

Guess you were exploring my profile or something but, thank you so very much.