How to change where the scroll bar is when the game starts

So basically I have a scrolling frame in a screengui and I want the “viewable” area on the scrolling frame to automatically be set at the bottom, not at the top. Any idea how I can do this?

If you want the positions of the scrolling frame to be set at the bottom, go into its properties and find the “CanvasPosition”. There, just play around with the “Y” value and figure out what number reaches the "viewable’ area. If you mean “bottom” as left of the canvas, then just play around with the “X” value.
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yes but that doesnt save when i play the game

Oh, sorry, I didn’t know it did that. Anyways, you can insert a Local Script (Must be a Local Script) inside the Scrolling Frame and insert this code.

XPosition = 500 --Change to your desired X Position.

YPosition = 0 --Change to your desired Y Position.

while wait() do if script.Parent then end
script.Parent.CanvasPosition = ,YPosition)

script:Destroy() ---Keep if you want to delete the script once it finishes running.

I would add a wait() function to wait for everything to load.

True, I revised it so it waits for it’s parent to load.

Yeah, that looks a lot more safe and sturdy.