How to check if there are no matching objects in a table

So this is my script so basically like, erer is only true if v, which is a viewportframe that is suppose to have a number as the name, doesnt match any ge, which are boolvalues with number names inside game.Players.LocalPlayer.Floors:GetChildren().
So basically like, it is suppose to make it so that it only adds viewportframes inside the scrolling frame if there isnt the same one in the scrolling frame, but my script doesnt work in the matter that it ignores if a viewportframe is already in a scrolling frame and keeps adding it like its not there

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Heres a fun little animation I made to represent it.

Expefcted Behaviour:

What I get:

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Ples someone help me pls,

I don’t understand your question

I said its not an array its a TABLE. table.find only works on arrays

Like I have an idea that is to do another for i,v in pairs in the thing and add the contents into a dagtjndbkijnasjreeeeeeeeeee

so like what im tryna do is like to make it so that it only inserts the viewportframe if there isnt any viewportframes that have the same name of the viewportframe thats supposed to be teh viewportframes name

its rlly hard to explain and i dot have the time to do it rn cos i gotta go in like 30 minutes

ok so what do i finhd with table.find cos its an array of objects and i need to specifically find the name

the name of the object that is

Can someone help me pleas i ony have 20 minutes left please sonenone help it isnt this hard

Your code is very difficult to follow with your variable names. Choosing better variable names would make this code much cleaner.

Your problem is that you are checking v.Name ~= ge.Name, when it should be ==.
You should then later check that ere == false.

Here is some better code that uses good variable naming conventions to make your code easier to read.

local player = game:GetService("Players").LocalPlayer
local floors = player.Floors

while wait(5) do
	for _, floor in ipairs(floors:GetChildren()) do
		local hasViewportFrame = false
		for _, frame in ipairs(script.Parent.ImageLabel.ScrollingFrame:GetChildren()) do
			if frame:IsA("ViewportFrame") and frame.Name == floor.Name then
				hasViewportFrame = true

		if not hasViewportFrame then
			-- make your viewport

A big concern I have with your current code is it’s on a loop every 5 seconds. Why is this? If you want to listen to floors being created/destroyed, you should use the appropriate API for that (ChildAdded/ChildRemoved)

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You could use a generic for and iterate through the array, and use rawequal to check if they’re the same. For example

local IsInArray = false

for _, Object in ipairs(Objects) do
    if rawequal(Object, Compare) then
        IsInArray = true

I hope this helped. :slight_smile:


That would be what you’d compare Object to. I probably could’ve come up with a better name lol.

This is what I did and now it doesnt insert the viewportframe in the scrollingframes at all?

    while wait(5) do
    	for i,v in pairs(game.Players.LocalPlayer.Floors:GetChildren()) do
    		local erer = false
    		for er,ge in pairs(script.Parent.ImageLabel.ScrollingFrame:GetChildren()) do
    			if ge:IsA("ViewportFrame") then
    				if v.Name==ge.Name then
    					erer = true
    		if erer == false then

What is “compare”?,

Ok nvm it turns out you gotta scroll up the scrollignframe to see it idk why that happens but now it doesnt clone it tysm