How to check what data is being sent to the client

I have searched through many topics, and none match my issue.

Currently, I am trying to optimize the network usage of my game as much as possible, and I need to figure out what the server is sending to the client. I have already cracked down most of it, but there are just some that I just cannot crack down at all. The one that is mostly sending a lot of data are from replications that are not from RemoteEvents or RemoteFunctions.

To be more specific, the one I am trying to crack down are the ones that is causing 40kb/s+ of data being sent when the NPCs (20 of them) spawn (not at once, at an interval of 0.5 seconds). While 40kb/s for a short time may not be bad in paper, but this is in the context of a 50 (+20 AI zombies) player server with lots of things going on.

I have tried looking for it in the MicroProfiler, but I could not find anything relating to the what data is being sent to the client. So I do not know what kind of data being sent is large and in turn, I have no clue how to solve this issue.

So, is there a way to view what data is the server sending to the client?

I don’t know where to check what the data is, but in your case, I assume it’s the physics data of the NPCs, their modeling, and their animations

you can minimize this by having the npcs as like a floating part on serverside, and be rendered/animated on clientside
serverside would handle things like when it would move somewhere or do some action, then relay that to each client
each clientside would handle playing animations and moving the npc to where the server said that it should go and do other graphics events

It’s not the physics data, I’ve checked and it does not have a very high send. I am not looking at overall, just specifically the Data. Now, from what I’ve gathered, it seems like the 3D clothing also is the reason why it has such a high data send (tested it without 3D clothing and it reduced the data send well), but I do the same thing again later on without the 3D clothing and it for some reason suddenly has high data send???