How to cities....(tips needed)


Im…uh…fairly new to this sort of building style…
How to cities? Yall got any ideas
I just dont know how to properly plan, i can make stuff but placement becomes an issue overtime. The anxiety of ‘where do i place x’ becomes apparent…
How do you lads to your towns?


It’s useful to try and map out a plan before you start building. Try to figure out what you want your city to have, and how you want it to be designed. Then even if its as simple as drawing it on a piece of paper, make a rough map of the overall layout of the city. From there building it should be a lot easier.

Hope this helps.


Im sorry, im new. Have I done something incorrect?.

Slightly vague but will definitely help!


No Sorry About That You already change it i just said that because you’r question was not all the way done but know it is


Is maintaining part count important? Will roblox un-render distant objects so i can go all out?


If StreamingEnabled under Workspace is enabled, the world will be downloaded to the client as needed, so faraway areas aren’t loaded unnecessarily. You will need to be more careful in your scripts, though. I recommend trying to keep a lower part count if you want your game to perform well on lower-end devices if you do not know how to use StreamingEnabled.

P.S this would’ve been a better topic, “Any tips on building cities?”. Your current topic’s “(help pls)” phrase makes the thread seem a bit unprofessional and desperate, try to be more careful next time.

Anyways, hope I helped.

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Think about real life cities and try to mirror the layouts (Roughly) of them. Residential areas, commercial areas, and industrial areas should help you plan out your city. Good luck!

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Should i be worried about the ‘poly’ count of unions?


Yeah you should, since unions don’t really have the effect of reducing part count technically. Meshing is a bit better for performance if I remember correctly.


I usually like to build cities and my best tip is to plan it out, making a city is like arranging a puzzle, except the puzzle can be whatever you want. I recommend you should base the design and layout on what you’re trying to create. Going for an aesthetic is very important in designing a city, and I don’t recommend starting a large build such as a city right off the bat because for an optimal result you need to plan it out.

Good questions to ask:

  • What is the city size? (Large, small)
  • What is your ideal aesthetic or genre? (Realistic, Steampunk, Cyberpunk)
  • What feel do I want in the city? (Dense streets, Wide boulevards)
  • How will the player explore the city? (Open world, single storyline)
  • What’s the overall aesthetic I want? (Dark and gloomy, bright and happy)

Overall I believe that the overall choice is up to you but you should ask questions to help narrow down your design process and to help achieve the build you want!
Hope this helps!


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