How to clone part little bit repeatly until it done

I wanna know how to clone model little bit. until it done
i have used :Clone() but it will cause lag

The example is like skyblock game

robloxapp-20200808-2029351.wmv (1.2 MB)

I have try to get children but we will confused
Can someone help me about this?

Thanks and sorry for bad english

Clone the entire model, set its transparency to 1, put it somewhere in workspace and then set the part’s transparencies back to their original values bit by bit. Additionally you can use TweenService for transition effects.

did change transparency little bit to 0 it will do not cause lag?

No, creating instances is comparably what causes the most lag, and cloning each part is doing exactly that. If you clone the entire model your game might lag for a split second while it loads in but changing the Transparency will barely cause lag.

:clone() should not lag.
30 chars

I mean player would be lag.
30 char.

It depends on how many parts you have in the model. If you’re cloning a model with more than 20 parts, you may experience slight lag as it loads the model in to the workspace. I don’t presume there’s a prevention to this, but that’s how the mechanic works.

If you wanna know what i’m meaning check the topic again, i just put video inside it.

I unfortunately don’t download files - do you mean when it loads the island?

I mean when player leave. the part just gone little bit until it nothing.

So to clarify, when a player is removed from the game, you want the model to be destroyed?

No, I’m working on minigames game and I don’t want player to saw sneak peek before they played

If you don’t want the player to see a build, why not put it in the ServerStorage or make the game private? It’ll prevent them from seeing the sneak peak, or you could just destroy the model when a player joins.

but what about when game is about to start ? i need to clone it to make game working. but it will lag to player because many part just got created in same time.

You could possibly set all part transparencies to 1 and turn the collision off, then make them 0 and turn the collision on - this way you won’t have to clone anything.

but i don’t want to get access by player if the game isn’t start yet.

They won’t have access as the model will be invisible and you can walk through it.

Cloning a model even if it’s very large, yes will cause lag but only for a split second, I have the same problem in one of the games I’m working on also, but it isn’t that bad. You also if you wanted it to be this way, have the model already anchored and transparent to 1 and canCollide to false in the position you want it at and then turn the values back after your done doing what you were doing for example,
This would be the code you would use to make it appear, if you have a model in a model use :GetDescendants().

for i, v in ipairs(Model:GetChildren()) do
v.Anchored = true
v.Transparency = 0
v.CanCollide = true
-- this is the code to make it disappear again
for i, v in ipairs(Model:GetChildren()) do
v.Anchored = true
v.Transparency = 1
v.CanCollide = false

Actually, i just wanna player game loading faster, so they’ll not just wait my mini game model that doesn’t require yet.

Alright. I’ll try to solve this with my self.