How to combine neon well in roblox studio

How to conjoin the Neon in other materials

Hello my name is foxy, I already have 1 year creating games and during this year I acquired a
very large neon awareness, how to co-ordinate it to make it look better, many people
have problems with this material from the roblox studio and before I start if I have some errors
in the information is because I’m just new to this blog or as you say in your country well let’s start

Starting this blog I’ll say it’s the Neon
-It is a material that helps in the development of roblox studio to make environments brighter and also
make more radiant designs in swords, blocks, objects, etc.
Problems with the Neon:
These problems are always with the youngest developers, the only thing that has to be done is to try to combine
the most appropriate materials to their persecutives of the game and I will give some examples:

Conbinations depend on the objects:


wood brown black + Neon bright yellow

-A good combination for modern style houses and medieval houses, the reason is simple because it makes the color
Neon is the main one and the brown also highlights making it have a more realistic tone


plastic gray + Neon color red, blue and green

  • In these cases only with mythical or legendary swords in the games, put the neon in the most precise zones, put them with designs of
    dragons, mythical forms like diria

Well thank you for reading this article or blog nose please give my publication star but if something
I’m wrong, please correct me to learn more thanks.

creator by foxy681864


Plastic color x + Neon color red, green, glossy white

-This combination is very used to play portals or others, this is already depends on where you put it, it is only put in the
more attractive areas of the user as the parts of above, make buttons or try to make the depnde of the way or place of that portal
is going to take that we’ll leave it for another topic

With all due respect to you, this is a helpful thread. However, I believe this is in the wrong category. I read up on the rules for this category and this post does not follow those. This should go to the Bulletin Board category and then follow this:

thank you for leaving your opinion, I am new in these issues of the articles of help to developers, I am looking for experience and thank you for your contribution helped me thanks

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I feel like this article is interesting but there are a few grammatical errors and odd spacing that makes it fairly hard to read. I’d go over the article at least a second time before posting it in future.

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