How to convert e numbers to an actual number

Hello, I am currently making a cookie clicker-like game and if you reach a point where if you get too many cookies you would get a number like 6.28582857373652385623e+14.
I want to make it so that the number doesn’t become like 6.28582857373652385623e+14 and convert it to an actual number like 692,726,385,385,722,555 etc.

Taken from stackoverflow

You can use strings:

local myNumber = 5.9e+192
print(string.format('%18.0f', myNumber)) --> 5900000000000000127345344232885678912507954769917726883775602443469942682202530344963694497685762272422225635880975968134419050330920637473919434093213728536869323861866996282680059554487599104
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thanks, it kinda sucks that i made a solution but didnt see your post, this was mine by the way

local function convertENumbersToNumbers(enumber)
	local decimal = string.split(tostring(enumber), "e+")[1]
	local numbersBetweenDot = string.split(decimal, ".")
	local nmb = numbersBetweenDot[1]..numbersBetweenDot[2]
	return nmb
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