How to convert regular frames to ScrollingFrames

I’m having a problem where I try to design ScrollingFrames, but children of the frame seem to not work, I was wondering if there was a plugin of some sort where I can convert my design to a functional scrolling piece.

The specific issue is that it becomes distorted when I put certain assets inside a scrolling frame. Personally Roblox should fix the UI Editor, which I generally like, but this makes it a pain.


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You can try using the GUI to LUA plugin and change the object from frame to scrolling frame

Then I’d have to parent all the assets prone to scrolling, correct?
If so, then that really just has the same situation, none of my stuff is parented.

Add a scrolling frame inside the original frame

Like I said, it’s not parented :confused:

Whenever using ScrollingFrames, if you use Scale it’ll distort the bigger your scrolling canvas is, the only real solution is to use Offset (pixels), you can use a script to try and convert your original size into pixels based on their resolution, though.

You’ll want to use the ScrollingFrame’s AbsoluteSize as opposed to their screen resolution, since your children aren’t parented directly to the ScreenGui.

-- scale is the scale you want to use, can be the same as currently set one.
-- resolutionX and resolutionY should be based off the ScrollingFrame's AbsoluteSize
local resolutionX = ScrollingFrame.AbsoluteSize.X;
local resolutionY = ScrollingFrame.AbsoluteSize.Y;

local Width = resolutionX * scale;
local Height = resolutionY * scale;

Another solution is, if you do not plan to change the Canvas height, you can just resize the objects to fit correctly, and as long as you don’t change the Canvas height, it will look the same as it does without the ScrollingFrame.
If you are not familiar with scripting, this will probably be easier.